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Since 2006, the FAMILY Empowerment Student Achievement Institute has directly or indirectly impacted more than 30,000 lives in the Mahoning and Trumbull County areas, specifically using Non-violent Direct Actions taken in Youngstown, Warren, Boardman and Niles School Districts (see PDFs to the left).

More than 15,350 of these individuals have been Youngstown parents, family members, community supporters, educators and leaders in the political and religious community who support youth achievement.

Over the past 16 years 5,000 students have being awarded for their Academic Achievement or for Doing The Right Thing.

Over 176 Most Inspiring Teachers have been awarded based on Achievement Matters Essays written by 1,100 Achieving students.

The Actions we have taken included:
  • Advocacy and Advocacy Workshop Training. 

  • Community Organization & Mobilization Train-the Trainer Workshops

  • Parent and Community prep training for presentations before Boards of Education on policy issues of interest

  • Organizing positive events to identify, celebrate and publicly award students, parents, schools and others who are Doing The Right Thing, both Academically and Socially

  • Hosting a 9-month radio program for parents, students and community members to voice strategies of solutions to social and academic ills which relate to the K-16 academic crisis within our community, and the social disparities which are the root cause of this crisis

  • Community Education Summits

  • Data collection and distribution to parents, students and community members

  • Media Campaigns to get the word out to those who are uninformed about harmful actions being taken against the best interests of their children

Herman Hill, Radio Host & 
Youth Doing The Right Thing Awards
Mayor Jay Williams
Youth Doing The Right Thing Awards
Tom Humphries, 
Regional Chamber President
Youth Doing The Right Thing Awards
           Superintendent Wendy Webb, Steven Mickel,       Pastor Morris Lee, FESAI Co-Founder
J. McWilson, Pastor Lewis Macklin

2007 Youth Doing The Right Thing Celebration